As an ever-growing IT corporate since its inception in 2011, Linux Institute initially commenced business with training services. It managed to transfer its know-how and experience into the field of consulting in 2012 and has later become a major IT solution partner of leading companies in the country by providing consulting services in system management area. It has eventually grown into one of the leading tech corporate through the R&D and innovation activities it launched in the early 2014. Based in Istanbul, currently its services reach out to all regions in the country. Focusing on the demand and expectations of its solution partners and its clients, Linux Institute has all the time brought innovation to the field of system management. It has become a stakeholder to the progress of innovation in IT sector with its user-friendly solutions that enable to monitor and manage particularly open source coded systems on real time basis with a risk and performance orientation It well moves forward with its professional and experienced team to be a full-fledged Turkish brand name.

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