LI, all system components (hardware, software, network and security) provides about Turkey's leading company in sales and consulting services.

Our services;

Strengthen IT infrastructure and boost efficiency in order to achieve business objectives and overcome obstacles. Our consultants with advanced know-how and experience stand by you to take strategic decisions you need and accomplish those. Align IT infrastructure with business objectives through our end-to-end consulting services solution that includes due diligence, requirement specification, decision-support, procurement, implementation, deployment, administration, testing/control and review/monitoring processes. Enable your employees to adjust to new solution in the post-implementation period through our training service Durum analiz çalışması, gereksinim tespiti, karar-destek, tedarik, uygulama, konuşlandırma, yönetim, test/kontrol ve izleme süreçlerini içeren uçtan uça kapsamlı danışmanlık hizmeti çözümümüz ile BT altyapınız iş hedeflerinizle uyumlaştırın. Uygulama sonrası eğitim hizmetimiz ile çalışanlarınızın çözüme uyum sağlamasına olanak tanıyın.

Save on money, work force and time, and improve the quality of your business by strengthening/innovating IT infrastructure. Enhance operational and financial effectiveness and promote profitability by our solution partnership. Moreover, let us guide you in making IT investment plan fit for your business and optimizing IT capital expenditures

Let’s build up either project-based or strategic partnership.

Sale & Consultancy Areas
  • RedHat Linux Products
  • Endian UTM Firewall
  • Linux Installation
  • Linux File, Networking
    • DNS & Proxy Server
  • Apache Web Server
  • Linux Firewall
  • Qmail Mail Server
  • Zimbra Mail Server
  • Linux Virtualization
Few of our selected clients:
  • HP Türkiye A.Ş.
  • OMV Petrol Ofisi A.Ş.
  • Groupama A.Ş.
  • Avivasa A.Ş
  • Pluscom A.Ş.
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